Commercial oven for baking & industrial oven for baking

If you have your own food manufacturer, you may need large bakery machine like heavy duty bread baking machine,heavy duty cookie oven,heavy duty cake oven. R&M rotary oven and tunnel can help you build your Large-scale business. Our Roaty oven and tunnel oven with lager capacity with up to 32 trays and 64 trays one time, This industrial oven are one of the best oven for baking mass food production.


What types of oven are the main products of R&M?

R&M,HODA,GABO are the leading brands of our company, and our main products including rotary oven,Deck Oven,Pizza Oven,Convective Oven,Tunnel oven,Dough Proofer,Planetary Mixer,Spiral Mixer, Dough Roller,Pastry Sheeter,Dough Divider&Rounder,Dough Moulder,Water Chiller,etc. The annual output of our company exceeds 20,000 sets. In addition, we have a team of well-qualified workers and outstanding technical strength as well as advanced facilities. Through strict and scientific regulatory regime, specialized technicians and qualified workers, we have been continuously improving the quality of our products and service to obtain trust and support from customers. R&M products are exported to all around the world especially to America, Europe, Australia, Africa, the Middle East,Southeast Asia. Our company offers OEM&ODM services.To satisfy one-stop convenience for our client, our company provide service of matching kitchen equipment.