The Principles of dough Proofing

Why we need to proof dough in proofer oven?

The temperature or humidity making dough proofing rise more slowly than they should if let them own fermented dough.Yeasts are living organisms, and like humans, they’re most active within a range of comfortable temperatures.A more moderate temperature of 80 F is ideal, still resulting in a quick and predictable rise but without affecting the quality of the finished bread. Most proofers also maintain a high level of humidity, so the dough can rise without drying out.The proofer oven help to maintain an ideal environment for proving dough.


R&M proofer oven is equipped with excellent humidification system and electrothermal system , automatic temperature control and good insulation can and,the operation is extremely simple. The measurement and appearance of its bracket can match oven very well. The door of the prover is transparent which is durable and has very nice appearance, you can observe the proofing process and quality through the door directly and visually. In addition,The rate of temperature increase fast which can accomplish the prooring process within a little time to get high quality dough.Can be use as donut proofing bread dough,proofing pizza dough

It is more efficient Compared with bread proofing basket.