Aout R&M Deck Oven

R&M baking deck oven is applicable for baking all kinds of bread, cake, refection, biscuit, chicken and fish.The gas and electric oven can be used as a drier as well. No matter for loaf making plants or bakeshops, the kitchen deck oven for sale will surely bring in economic benefit. This is one of the best types of electric oven and gas oven for baking bread,pizza and cake. R&M is certainly a trustworthy brand.


Specification of R&M Deck Oven

1 Deck 1 Tray Deck Oven 1 Deck 2 Trays Deck Oven 1 Deck 3 Trays Deck Oven
2 Deck 2 Tray Deck Oven 2 Deck 4 Tray Deck Oven 2 Deck 6 Tray Deck Oven
3 Deck 3 Tray Deck Oven 3 Deck 6 Tray Deck Oven 3 Deck 9 Tray Deck Oven
3 Deck 12 Tray Deck Oven 4 Deck 4 Tray Deck Oven 4 Deck 8 Tray Deck Oven


 Baking Oven Deck Type Advantage:

1.Possess GAS or Electric energy as the heating system. Users can choose according to the site environment and demand.we offer different types of electric ovens and gas ovens for baking.

2.Adopt high-density insulation materials, fully enclosed welding chamber design which can reduce heat loss greatly.

3.Independent temperature control system, can set the temperature of each layer freely. Double control systems of surface and bottom, can provide the best baking environment for baking.

4.Steam and stone can be choose

5.Equipped with specially designed heating grid which makes even distribution of heat and good baking effect.

6.Equipped with thickened insulating layer which is made of high-quality insulating material, minimizing the loss of heat.

7.Buy deck oven with factory price.


  • When placing an order, please state the model clearly, and provide the specification of baking tray if possible;
  • Unless otherwise specified, the specification of baking tray is 400X600;
  • The steam function is an optional function and should be stated in the order. Electric Oven with steam function on all layers is available.


Deck oven with steam

If you need baking bread in steam oven, you can buy oven with steam function, the water supply pipe, safe valve and water drain pipe should be mounted properly;

Steam box operation: turn on the steam power(“STEAM POWER”) and the steam box start to work under heating-up state. After about 16 to 20 minutes, the presett temperature reaches, press the button “STEAM ” and then the steam will come out. After the eruption of steam, the equipment return to heating-up state to generate steam again. Make sure to turn off the steam power after use for a long life use.