People want to free their hands in kitchen, compared to the time-consuming manual mixer, electric dough mixer machine can be mechanized, easy to operate and save effort and time. So, put down the “muscle beater” at once, the work of beating protein should be handed over to the kitchen mixer Cake making and bread is a pleasure but a skill task. Various baking mixer set are necessary for making baking food. Between spiral mixer and electric kitchen mixer, how do we choose the proper one mixer machine for your kitchen?


Manual Mixer works by human manual to stir, it usually used for beating eggs, but it will cost much time and energy if there is a big amount of eggs liquid. Instead, a functional electric cooking mixer equipped with a faster spinning speed which can save more time and effort for beating fruit sauce, cream and milk shake.We also have heavy duty planetary mixer.


When selecting dough mixer, be careful to the material of beating accessories.  Do not use electroplated accessories because the coating is easy to full off during use. R&M dough mixer for sale with factory price, its accessories adopted  stainless steel, more durable and not easy to rust; The fixed brackets of the accessories are made of plastic, all of which meet the food-grade safety standards.


R&m Double-acting double-speed DOUGH MIXER powerful with good appearance, stable performance, strong power, durable, high efficiency. It uses the high-speed rotating auger and low-speed operation of the stainless steel cylinder differential between the face of the group to push, pull, pressure, soft Etc., so that the dough and a variety of raw materials fully mixed and hydrated, thereby increasing dough water absorption and dough reinforcement. Quality for production Amount of bread.  Create good conditions. At the same time this product can also be used to stir other foods.