R&M commercial convection oven can be use for baking pizza,bread,cake.we have small tabletop 5 trays and large commercial convection oven.

R&M series hot-air commercial convection oven series are our newly developed and newest products to integrate the advanced advantages of hot-air convection oven for baking at home and abroad,and many years of experience combined with our factory production ovens.These hot-air convection ovens are with beautiful body and durable,full functions,small size,low power consumption, large output,bake evenly,and each layer height can be adjustable,with strong lighting,automatic spray steam,automatic temperature control,limit temperature protection and so on.It suits to bake bread,cake, moon cake,toast,and so on.It’s first choice for baking food in hotel,guesthouse,bar,supermarket,cake shop,school,army, factory and so on.


The Type of R&M convection oven:

Model Definition
RMR-5E Tabletop 5 trays hot-air electric convection oven
RMR-10E 10 trays hot-air electric convection oven
RMR-5G Tabletop 5 trays hot-air gas convection oven
RMR-10G 10 trays hot-air gas convection oven
RMR-10P 10 trays matching Proofer oven


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